Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diary of a toddler waiting to catch a plane

12:30 Arrive at the airport. Spot a plane and point to it repeating, 'mane, mane' over and over.
12.43pm Try climb onto the baggage conveyor belt as mum and dad check in
12.47pm Cry when Turtle gets taken off you to go through the xray machine
12:48pm Cry tears of happiness when reunited with turtle.
12:49pm Ask for a gikkie (bikkie)
12:55pm Run up and down the walkway while mum and dad find a nice quiet spot to sit and charge up the batteries to the new portable DVD player (this is so we can all watch E-I-E-I-O aka Baby MacDonald on the flight)
12:56pm Spot about 6 planes through the window. Press face up against the window, pointing and shouting 'mane, mane!' combined with 'oh wow'.
1:05pm Mum blows up a balloon to play with (clever mummy!) Kick the balloon around the corridor.
1:12pm Spot a man talking loudly on his mobile phone. Kick the balloon his way. Say hello but the man doesn't reply.
1:17pm Wave and say bye-bye to everyone walking to the boarding gates.
1:18pm Kick the balloon towards another man who is sitting on the other side of mum and dad. Smile when he says hello and take that as an invitation to climb into his lap.
1:25pm Point to the planes again, repeating 'mane, mane' over and over
1:29pm Nearly get run over by the people mover. The cranky man said something about being dangerous but he was going pretty fast.
1:31pm Run over to the man talking on his mobile phone and say hello again. Try give him the balloon but he doesn't look very interested.
1:33pm Play soccer with some pilots who are walking past.
1:35pm Walk towards the boarding gate with mum and dad. Ask for some more gikkies.
1:36pm Try to feed gikkies to the guide dog statues, saying ta, ta. The dog statues don't seem to be very hungry.
1:38pm Try feed the dog statues again. Try barking at them to see if they respond. Try feeding the smaller puppy to see if he'll eat the gikkie. No luck. Eat the rest of the gikkies.
1:39pm Throw a tantrum because there are no more gikkies. Lay on the ground kicking and crying. Mum and dad are just laughing. Actually, there are a lot of people laughing. Hmmm.... maybe this won't work after all!
1:42pm Time to board the plane to go home!


  1. I thought I already posted a comment on this but knowing me, i randomly posted what i had to say on BH or as my facebook status, i am so technologically challenged.

    Anyway, I love this post!! Your DS sounds adorable!!

  2. HAHA Rosie he is so cute, cant belive how fast they are growing up

  3. LOL thats adorable!!!

  4. Hehe, was I allowed to laugh at that? It was in sympathy, I assure you :-) Very cute, if a little exhausting.