Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toilet humour

List of things Lachie has thrown into the toilet over the past few weeks

1. My car keys
2. My lip gloss
3. Hair brush
4. Toilet paper roll
5. The toilet brush
6. A rice cake
7. A Tupperware container
8. His toothbrush (his play toothbrush, not the one we use every day!)
9.  A business card
10. A coat hanger

List of things Lachie has nearly thrown into the toilet.
1. My mobile phone.....


  1. lol dom did that cost us $300 to remove a bread wrapper he flushed one day

  2. Wow! We haven't hd any toilet incidents yet, but Joe gave Viola his old iPhone and she threw it in a cooler full of water in 2 seconds flat. :)