Friday, September 10, 2010


So, we now have a bedtime routine! And it's exciting! For months we've had a 'sort of routine' but now it's cemented in place and it works! And there's no tears (for now). I know, boring topic, but I'm sure other mums will appreciate the excitement of the bedtime routine.

Monkey is happy to have a million stories read to him after dinner and his bath. Lately the favourites have been The Tiger Who Came To Tea (such a random story - but a classic), the Wonky Donkey (funny), Old MacDonald Had a Farm (he now reads this to me in his own 'words' - very funny), Russell the Sheep (some days I feel like Russell) and How to Catch A Star (my new favourite children's book). After reading some of these two or three times over, 'last book' is called around 6:50.

At 7pm the call is made - 'Time for bed little man. Say nigh nighs'. Off he trots, grabbing his 'b' (his blanky) and runs off to find daddy for a kiss and a cuddle.  Runs over to me for another big kiss and a cuddle and then runs to the bedroom, with 'b' in tow. Jump into the cot, thumb in mouth and another 'nigh nighs, have a good sleep' from me. Occasionally he'll ask for 'ish' - which is his little projector that displays animal shapes on the ceiling, with fish being the favourite at the moment.

5 mins later and he's asleep. Love it!


  1. Having a routine makes such a difference in our house. The kids can be prepared for things that happen and it makes them so much happier. Well done and I hope the routine continues to work! Naomi

  2. Thanks Naomi - we're pretty lucky that he's always been a good kid come bedtime. I have just followed your blog - all I can say is WOW, routines must rock your world!