Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting started

Well, I have Facebook, MSN, Twitter and am a member of a few parenting forums so it was probably about time that I joined the blogging world. I've always enjoyed peeking into other people's lives through their blogs, although whether anyone thinks ours is interesting enough to follow is another story. But here we are! I guess the main intent of this is to keep a track for me, or us, of the day to day challenges that we face as relatively new parents.  There are good moments, bad moments, funny moments, 'what the' moments and then just unforgettable moments that you never want to remove from your mind.

The subject of this blog is 8 month-old Lachlan, formerly known as Devil Child, currently known as Cyclone Lachie. He arrived in April with much howling. The howling pretty much continued for 7 weeks until he decided that the 'self serve jacuzzi' he'd previously occupied was a thing of the past,  he was here to stay so he might as well enjoy it.

I'm constantly asked if he's a good baby. What does that mean, really? Is he naughty? Well, not really - I don't think he really knows the meaning of naughty yet. Does he eat well? Yes, can safely say that he is on a mission to eat us out of house and home. Is he a good sleeper? Yes - has slept through the night from about 7 weeks (I know, how lucky am I!!!) and nowadays he averages 2 - 4 hours of sleep during the day.  Whatever 'good baby' means, we're happy with him and he's firmly cemented his spot in our family behind the dog as second child (although in the first 6 weeks we were seriously looking at ways to put him back or at least get a refund).  

The little man is one big barrel of energy. I'm not really surprised that the energy needs to be fueled by constant meals and snacks and hubby commented that he'll need to get a second job to keep up with his son's feeding demands. He hit his milestones on target to begin with - rolling front to back at 12 weeks, back to front at 14 weeks... and then started crawling at 5 months, one week. Apparently babies need 800 hours of crawling to develop both sides of their brain properly. Lachie has certainly gotten a head start into his 800 hours! These days it's all about standing up, cruising the furniture and trying to grab things that are out of reach above his head. 

The newest challenge is the Christmas tree. Oh how Lachie has a love affair with our tree. Every moment he can, he's sitting or standing underneath, gazing up at all the sparkling and twinkling that's going on. Each day we say hello to the tree, hello to Mr Santa, hello to Mr Moose and hello to all the other special decorations we have and who sent them to us. He bats at a bauble to satisfy his curiosity for the day and then we're good. That's been enough to keep the tree upright and not in 1000 pieces and on top of our son.  I don't hold much hope that the few presents scattered under the tree will remain intact for the next 12 days so we'll see...

Wow - that's probably enough for one post! Will sign off here with my virgin blog and go for #2.  

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  1. I love your blog already!! You are awesome! .... And hilarious!!