Monday, December 14, 2009


So when junior decided to add another level of havoc to our lives by starting to crawl, Andrew and I had our long awaited discussion about childproofing. I think we went into the same panic mode that every parent goes through when their little one becomes mobile. Visions of plates being pulled out of drawers, dvds pulled out of the cupboard, cds from the rack, wine from the wine rack etc entered our minds complete with being prisoners in our own homes, struggling through a maze of safety gates and childproof locks. We eventually decided on the 'no' tack - he will just have to learn what he can and can't touch, and of course we removed any immediate hazards (such as the cd rack which would no doubt end up as a pulling up apparatus). 

So far the only casualty has been a bottle of wine. Did I say we removed all the hazards?? Well, all bar the crappy bottles of wine!! It was indeed a scary moment, seeing Lachie teetering over a huge shard of glass, and in tears cos his bum was wet from my $2 chardy (it was cooking wine, no need to get upset!). I dealt with it as quickly as possible and only afterwards stopped to think about how scary and dangerous it was! Nevertheless, the surviving $2 chardy, some pineapple flavoured wine and a bottle of 'dust covered never to be drunk' Ricadonna were swiftly moved out of reach. Maybe they would have been better off in the bin, however I can't stand to see wine / bubbles wasted, no matter how disgusting they are!

Fast forward a few weeks, and books have indeed been pulled from the bookshelf and dvds from the dvd cupboard, but it's all harmless and keeps Lachie entertained that we're happy for him to do it (for now). The presents under the tree have been 'played with' but still all remain intact with their neatly curled ribbon! The kitchen drawers have been opened and closed with much delight and pasta and biscuit packets pulled from the pantry and happily bashed on the floor. The one cupboard that has eluded our little inquisitive soul is the one under the kitchen sink, the only one with childproofing to keep his prying hands away from the cleaning stuff. We invested a small fortune in those lovely invisible magnetic childproof locks to ensure that the aesthetics of the kitchen were maintained. Although, mind you, whether the white plastic exterior locks would have taken away from the dishes piled up in the sink and the broken biscuits on the floor we'll never know... Anyway, little Lachie has worked out that the doors are meant to open and close. He pulls on every other door handle in the house and the same thing happens, except for these. He'll sit there for minutes on end with his 'concentration face' on, trying to pull it open with all his might. I haven't the heart to tell him that it just won't work and he should go try for a bikkie in the pantry or a bash on my Tupperware containers instead. Who am I to stand in the way of feirce determination when I see it!

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