Monday, January 11, 2010

BYO Shovel to Sizzlers

So, we decided to embark on a 'family' lunch to Sizzlers. It was to be our first dining experience as a family of three (just us!) and our first visit to Sizzlers in years. Not sure why we picked it but I figured they were probably going to accommodate messy and noisy babies and we could leave when we had to, rather than wait around for meals to arrive. 

Lachie was settled into his high chair and off Andrew went on round 1 of filling his plate up. He returned with some pasta and potato skins for Lachie. Well, I don't know if this child thinks we're starving him or he just acquainted himself with the Sizzler protocol of gorging but I was nearly embarassed to be sitting next to him. He ate with what I can only describe as a 'shovelling' motion. Everything went in, not too much fell out! On my visit to the salad bar minutes later I had to load up half of my plate with 'Lachie friendly foods' of spiral pasta, potato salad, bread roll, slices of fruit and cucumber and managed to add some food on there for my own personal consumption. Yep, you guessed it, Lachie mananged to 'shovel' the second serving again, although this time there were a few stray pasta spirals and cucumber pieces on the floor.  It was funny to watch - our 9 month old was practically going through as much food as we were!

So back I went for a second visit, Lachie's 3rd helping, praying no-one was going to comment on the amount of food I was putting onto my plate, as I'm sure no-one would believe me that I was also selecting for our child, our 9 month old child at that!  This time, I think we'd started to find the 'full' button as more food ended up as missiles rather than morsels. At this point we decided to call it a day and took our very satisfied baby home for a 2 hour nap. All that shovelling must have been tiring work!

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