Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahhh the serenity

I have to admit to enjoying a few 'favourite' times of the day. Walking into Lachie's room after his sleep and being greeted with a huge gummy smile, the moment I lay down on my comfy bed with its comfy mattress each night (I can only describe it as being hugged by a huge teddy bear!) and the moment in the morning from when I wake up to when the rest of the house begins to stir. It's so peaceful. And it's pretty much the only 'me' time I get (aside from showering and going to the loo - and even these are now under threat with Lachlan wanting be involved in EVERYTHING). The street is quiet, the house doesn't make a sound, there are a few stray birds outside singing their morning song and the baby monitor emits a constant 'shhhh' of silence.

I love it. And today I've been able to catch up on my 'blog' reading and sorting through Christmas photos... but in a few minutes I know that 'me' time will end for today and I once again step into my 'mummy' shoes and start sharing the love.

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