Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Morning antics

A little snippet that I shared with Lachie's Auntie Belinda (who lives in London) this morning...

"Just had to share a story about your nephew - I have put him in the overalls you gave him last year (they fit - yay!) and thought I'd test out the Converse shoes too. I had to take them off him cos they were far too big and he got really upset with me! I put his normal runners on him (as we're off to the park later) and he really cracked it, grabbed the Converses out of the cupboard, opened the box, and tried to put them on over his other shoes - tee hee hee. 2 minutes later he picked up another box of shoes (with a handle), walked to the bedroom door, turned round and said 'bye', blew me a kiss, walked to the door leading to our garage whilst swinging the shoe box and tried to open the door. Do you think that's his first attempt at running away from home?? Just had to share these sweet little moments xox "

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