Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just some random things

A few videos of Lach from the past few months...

1. Playing in the kitchen - Lachie loves playing with the Tupperware and will often play in the kitchen while we're cooking dinner or tidying up. Last week Andrew spotted him playing with the colander and placing 'things' in it.  We just thought it was gorgeous that he had taken pretend play to a different level beyond using the tv remote as a telephone.

2. Slurp! This is how you eat spaghetti!

3. Gone Okay so I know you're not supposed to ask kids questions they can't answer but this was just too cute! And Lachie did know the answer. I love the way he says 'gone' accompanied by the hand action

4. Breakkie Oldie - Lach loves his breakfast and he looooooves his bananas. There was a time we didn't buy bananas for 3 days, purely because we didn't get to the supermarket.  Extreme diversionary tactics were used when he pointed to the fruit bowl, asking for his 'nana, but we managed to make it through unscathed!


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  1. I love the colander video! What a smart boy!