Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So today, I'm officially 25 weeks pregnant. Just seems like yesterday that it was New Year's Day and we found out we were surprisingly 5 weeks pregnant!

It's funny how second time around things are different. I no longer remember to the exact day how far pregnant I am - actually I struggle to remember how many weeks along I am (thank goodness for the app on my phone which tells me!)

I know my official due date but as we're having a c/s a date has already been picked out for me. I can honestly never remember what the date is (but I do know where it falls in the month and what day of the week it is)

I have picked up my 'Up the Duff' book twice whereas last time I read it religiously every few days.

I still haven't taken an official bump photo - last time I had taken a few!

No thought has been given to the nursery decor. Last time, I had ordered the Zanzibar theme and knew exactly what furniture we were going to use. Lach is too in love with the safari aminals to take it away from him for B2's use so we need to think of something else.

I am trying to squeeze in a preggy yoga class one night a week - last time I was doing hydro classes two nights a week plus yoga on a Saturday when I had time.

It's all different! Having an energetic 2 year old and a busy job has made B2's arrival less of a priority in the short term. Am still doing 'all the right things' as much as possible (ie no sushi, cold deli meats or smoked salmon etc etc etc) but everything is more 'meh' than it was the first time around.

My pregnancy has been different. So far no ugly cankles in sight (touch wood), no heartburn (touch wood) and I've been eating fairly healthily. All my scans have shown positive results and not a tear has been shed in the Obstetrician's office.

Everyone said it would be like this. I didn't believe them. But it's true!

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  1. Good luck, it is much better second time around, but I am not testing it for a third.