Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What REALLY happens at daycare...

On Monday night the dinner conversation went something like this
Mummy: So Lachie what did you do at school today?
Little Person: Kissing! Mwah (big grin)
Mummy: (Surprised) Oh really? So who was kissing you?
Little Person: Ayesha give Lachie kisses.

Apparently this happened frequently throughout the day...

I then witnessed it yesterday morning during drop off. Ayesha gave Lach a big squeeze and a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Lach stood there, arms by his side, looking to see what toy animals were on the ground to play with. Cute right? Then his mate Lance, who has been away for a few weeks, came over and gave him a biiiig hug. Ayesha pushed him out of the road and gave Lach another kiss and a cuddle. Lance then gave Lach another cuddle and a kiss! This was all happening with a toddler fence between us. Once I lifted Lach over, he received another round of kisses and hugs from Ayesha before he managed to escape and find the toys. I just walked off laughing. Funny start to the day!

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