Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Overheard on Lachie's monitor this morning
6:04am       "Muuu...mmmmyyyyyy"   "muuuuuuuummmmmyyyyy"
6:05am        "Daddy" "Daddy" "Mummy"
6:05:20am   "muuummmmyyyyy dottle".... "dottle".... "muuummmmyyy"

I have to admit, I sometimes lie there because I love to hear him say 'mummy'. It's just so sweet and so cute.

Identical conversations arriving home from work yesterday afternoon and this afternoon

me: click remote to garage door and it starts going up. Turn around to face Lachie "We're home!"
Lachie: "Daddy?"
me: "No, sorry mate. Daddy isn't here tonight"
Lachie: "Daddy gone." (accompanied by his hand action for gone and a serious look on his face). "Byeee" (waves).

For the record, Andrew is in Sydney but Lachie obviously expects him to be home when he gets home from daycare, which is normally the case. 2 more sleeps and I will be able to say "Yes Lachie, daddy is home".

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