Thursday, July 8, 2010


So I feel daring. Two posts in one night - whoa! But I had to share my thoughts on winter.  When I lived in Warwick, Winter meant cold. It involved pushing aside a tonne of blankets so you could get out of bed. It meant running to and from the car and to and from the office / shops. It meant foggy breath and numb cheeks as our hockey team trained at Queens Park in the dark and sucking in cold air as we ran laps of the fields.  But my memory today of winter brought me back to my car. I parked my car in the carport and on those really cold, icy and frosty mornings my morning routine was altered to allow for time to 1. kick the ice off the garden tap to put the hose on. 2. start the car (never first go) and crank up the heater 3. turn on the windscreen wipers and lay the hose on the roof so the water trickled down the windscreen in the hope that it would defrost the frost / ice that had formed over night. 4. Run back inside to brush teeth, dry hair etc 5. Five minutes later I would have a warm car and a clear windscreen!

Now 15 year later, my Townsville winters involve 1. jumping in the car and seeing the temperature is sitting under 20 degrees. 2. deciding whether I need to bring a jacket to work, just in case it gets cool!  (which is where I got to this morning... tough decisions)

And that's why I love living in Townsville!

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